Place an Experienced Attorney by Your Side

The Law Firm seeks to address issues before they become problems. However, as problems arise, we seek to help churches resolve them in the most efficient way possible. Whether you are in the planning stages of creating a church or are already in existence and would like to discuss ways of protecting the church or resolving existing issues, contact Thomas Goldman today to schedule a free initial consultation. Key areas of practice include the following:

  • Maintaining tax exempt status
  • 501(c)(3) applications (when needed)
  • Tax reporting compliance (when applicable)
  • Non-profit Corporation creation
  • Drafting of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws that provide for additional protection
  • Corporate governance and compliance
  • Board advisory
  • Real estate
  • Employment
Hand signing a document

Additional Services

Thomas Goldman is one of a handful of experienced church lawyers in America. Other church legal services that he provides include:

  • Land Purchases
  • Rental Agreements
  • Sale & Lease Matters
  • Ministry Issues
  • International Law
  • Establishment & Foundation Law
  • Bylaw Drafting
  • Board Advisory Concerns
  • Business & Corporate Law
  • Immigration Law